DIY Shoe Dresser Rack

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High Shoe Dresser

Shoe dresser – If you have more than one pair of shoes, proper storage is essential. Shoes can easily be lost, and clutter your wardrobe, if thrown in a pile or stacked in boxes. If you have noticed that your shoes eat wardrobe space, a DIY wardrobe shoe rack is a good choice for a better organization. Fit a simple shoe rack into your wardrobe to help organize your shoes.


Use a pen to mark the location on one side of your wardrobe where you want to put shoe dresser to go. Measure the distance from the floor to the pencil marking with a tape measure. Mark the same place on the opposite wall. Cut two 10-inch pieces of wood from a 1-by-2 board using a saw. Place a 10-inch piece of wood tightly against the wall, directly under the pencil marking. This will be one of your shelf supports.

Hammer two or three nails on the board to keep it in place. Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the opposite side. Measure the distance from one wall of your wardrobe to another. Cut a piece of wood from a 1-by-12 board using the dimension you found in step 8. Put freshly cut piece of wood on top of the shelf supports. Repeat this process for a second shelf above the first. Look at the height of your shoes to determine how far apart the shoe dresser should be. A collection that mostly consists of running shoes and apartments will need shorter shelves than one that consists of stilettos and boots.

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