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Diy Short Dresser

Short dresser – A sideboard is a low cupboard that we find mainly in dining rooms. It has two functions: on the one hand as storage space and on the other as decorative furniture. Not only the cabinet itself has a decorative added value, the top can also be used. There is room for all kinds of accessories. Below you will find inspiring decorative options for the decoration of your dresser.

Tip : do not choose a symmetrical spread when decorating a sideboard (e.g. a candlestick on the left and right at the same distance). An asymmetrical spread is more beautiful and creates a creative touch. Some green in the house can not be missed. A short dresser is the perfect place to store a few vases or flower pots. That can only be one piece, or multiple copies with different sizes, colors and shapes together.

An interior is an extension of your personality. Short dresser gives a look at your life, your dreams and memories. That is why we see photo frames in almost every home. You choose the content yourself: a romantic wedding photo, a memory of a nice trip, an old children’s photo,… It does not just have to be photos.

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