Ideas Of Best A Nursery Dresser

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Rustic Nursery Dresser Ideas

Nursery dresser – When you have a baby on the way, new purchases add up quickly. Before you know it, it could be spending a few hundred or even thousands of items before the baby even arrives. Spend less for the renovation or reuse of furniture. If you have an older dresser, customize it to fit in with your nursery theme and spend a lot less than a new dresser.

Ideas for redo nursery dresser, take the dresser in an open area, such as a garage, to allow the vapors to escape. It is dangerous to die or paint in the baby’s room because the gases can persist and cause breathing difficulties for the baby. Sand the dresser down using fine grain sandpaper that goes in the direction of the wood grain. Sand enough to remove all paint or age stain and make the edges and surfaces smooth. Clean the toilet completely to clean up any remaining dust.

Use a brush to apply water-based dye or water-based paint, which are more environmentally friendly alternatives. Test the color on the back or bottom of the dresser, and let it dry completely to check the desired color before completing the entire nursery dresser.

This article main ideas is nursery dresser.

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