Ideas To Paint The Tall Boy Dresser

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Vintage Tall Boy Dresser

Tall Boy Dresser – Painting an old dresser is a smart way to personalize furniture for a child’s room or any room for that matter. Do not let the word “reformed” scare you. A transformed dresser does not have to be tedious or it looks like a tired hand-me-down. Lots of fresh, eye-catching treatments will have your old chest that looks better than new and just right for a child’s room.

Believe it or not, you can apply the paint to build very effectively the look of blue denim on a dresser. This result can be difficult at first, so use a section of cardboard to use and the technique before attempting on your dresser. Achieving the look of denim with paint consists of layers of a darker shade of blue over a lighter one and dragging several texturing tools over the paint before it dries.

A graffiti dresser is a fun, easy treatment that anyone can do, and it is another opportunity for your child to scribble on their furniture without getting into trouble. Start with a dresser that you have just painted white or the color of your choice, and then use permanent markers or paint pens to cover it in the graffiti. Although this project is geared towards crazy, it does help the appearance of the finished product to plan the design and placement of the graphics’ before you start.

This article main ideas is tall boy dresser.

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