Pedestal Sink Storage To Place And Hold Everything

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Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sink storage – Having insufficient storage space can be frustrating — especially in the bathroom. There are many items in your bathroom that you need and use daily, but they can easily become messy: toiletries, personal appliances and hair products. Fortunately, there are several ways to create storage, even in the bathrooms which are very small. With just a few ingenious techniques, you can add more than enough space to place and hold everything.

Take advantage of built-in storage. Making pieces that are already in use in the bathroom draw double duty by giving not only work but also storage. Instead of a pedestal wash, buy a vanity that fits into the same room. You can find models with shelves, drawers, cabinets and open exhibition space.  Instead of a mirror above the sink, offered a mirrored cabinet. This adds storage without sacrificing any floor space.

When shopping, be sure to look not only on the outside style but also on the inside design of the cabinets, you want plenty of space between the shelves for bottles and products of all sizes. Make use of shelves. Shelves can double or even triple available storage space. There are wall-mounted units, shelving racks to stand above the toilet, hanging shelves on hooks that can be suspended from the toilet basin or from the shower curtain rod, and corner racks that allow you to utilize the corner room.

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